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Business Intelligence Through Smart IoT

Smart Manufacturing Data Hub DIF Awardee Badge for Devtank Ltd

SMDH Lighthouse Awardee

We have been awarded our very own Lighthouse project with the Smart Manufacturing Data Hub

Award-winning IoT solutions

OpenSmartMonitor improves manufacturing by analyzing past and present data to optimize for the future.

We use open source tech to provide cost-effective and tailored solutions, while fostering transparency, innovation and flexibility.

Increase Productivity


Insights into your workplace operations will identify key areas for improvement.

Control Costs


Find cost reductions by understanding your energy and machine usage.



Data insights improve compliance through real-time data and facilitating proactive measures to meet regulations

Improve Quality


It is imperative to monitor your machinery and environment to prevent any quality issues from arising.


Smart monitoring device from OpenSmartMonitor - a black box with an antenna branded with our green logo


A multi-parameter IoT sensor. Built with the typical factory in mind, it's metal casing is designed to withstand the harsh environments surrounding factory settings. Monitor your energy, environment, and machinery all in this one box.

Complete Monitoring Solution

Sustainable Business Intelligence is the name given to our complete monitoring solution. This includes, multiple ENV-01 sensors all pre configured and setup with a dashboard, and designed to be a hassle free solution. Just contact our team, order your solution, and when your receive your sensors you are ready to go

Remote Monitoring

View real time and historical data via a browser-based dashboard, from anywhere on any device.

OpenSmartMonitor vs Standard Sensors

OpenSmartMonitor vs Standard Sensors

Features OpenSmartMonitor Standard Sensors
Multiple Parameters
Software Fees
Right to Repair
Rugged Design
Cost Effective
Self Hostable
Vendor Lock-In

Success Stories


Addressing high water temperatures and a dripping tap, Lindhurst lowered the thermostat and installed push taps, significantly reducing energy usage. Monitoring machinery and overall electricity revealed productivity issues, allowing adjustments. Tracking various parameters, from gas to noise levels, provides valuable insights, with potential annual energy cost savings of £25k, advancing Lindhurst toward Net-Zero.


Since installing four ENV01 monitors, including a roving sensor, Trimmings identified inefficiencies in machinery, modifying a dual-motor system to a single, enhancing efficiency and reducing energy consumption. Additionally, monitoring and adjusting building temperature has led to significant gas usage reduction.


Unable to monitor their anodising paint chambers, a solution was devised using current clamps connected to the Anodes, allowing real-time data recording displayed on a large screen and accessible over their network. The system, utilizing 'Lottie' code and a Raspberry Pi, promptly detected a failed Anode upon implementation, showcasing its effectiveness.

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Need your questions answered?

See our FAQs page or contact our team below.

Devtank offer a complete turnkey service to setup your LoRaWAN network, install equipment and host your data at a very competitive price
Depending on what your existing infrastructure is and what you aim to record, you may need to electrical installation (e.g. install smart meter/sensors on your consumer unit) and/or plumbing (e.g. fit water meter).
The OpenSmartMonitor product range will help you to: observe energy usage and waste across your entire operations; calculate your effective carbon emissions (CO2e) on a real time basis; predictive maintenance, set alarms and alerts on key parameters to warn you early if there is a problem; resource utilisation, see how well key plant/assets/equipment are utilised and calculate the unit cost of operating these resources.
Environmental monitoring – ensure you have real time monitoring of key health and safety parameters such as noise levels, temperature and air quality. Can also be used for auditing purposes.
This depends on how many parameters you monitor and how you use the data. Typical savings range between 10% to 25% of your annual energy consumption after a period of initial monitoring. The on-going improvements to your operational efficiency are endless as you can build in enhanced monitoring and control of key assets to make further improvements.
Yes! Many parameters can be configured after installation. Our sensors use either Wi-Fi or a low power interoperable LoRaWAN network we use means you can also add sensors from other manufacturers on the same network.

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