Open Smart Monitor by Devtank
Open Smart Monitor by Devtank
sustainability winner 2023
Open Smart Monitor by Devtank
Open Smart Monitor by Devtank
Open Smart Monitor by Devtank
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Open Smart Monitor by Devtank
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Sustainability Award Winners 2023



Smart Monitoring Solutions For Your Business

OpenSmartMonitor offer environmental monitoring, energy monitoring, and machine monitoring solutions for any business. Our smart IoT sensors can already be found within industries including; Engineering, Manufacturing, Wind Farms, and Textiles.


The ENV01 is a smart monitoring device providing its users with all the tools required to record live environmental, energy, and machine data, visually displaying your live and recorded data via a browser-based dashboard. Smart IoT devices are here for businesses looking to cut energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint. Our sensors lead the market as a multi-parameter sensor monitoring; Humidity, Sound Levels, Light Levels, Temperature, Air Quality, Gas usage, Electricity Usage, and Water Usage. Environmental Monitoring will enable your business to become cleaner and more comfortable for staff and customers. It will also aid with keeping on top of crucial health and safety regulations like those found in factories. Built to withstand the harsh environments of factories, our sensors have a rugged metal outer casing, meaning they can take a fair share of knocks and bangs.

Temperature Sensor


Gas monitoring


Air Quality Sensor

Air Quality

Light Sensor


Electricity Monitoring


water sensor


Sound Sensor


Humidity Sensor


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Smart monitoring dashboard panel
Dashboard panel for our smart monitoring devices

Real Time Data

Live Dashboard Demo

Clicking on this image will take you to our live dashboard demo. These are powered by the popular opensource software Grafana and ChirpStack.



Remote Monitoring - Smart IoT

Our smart IoT devices connect to one browser based dashboard to enable remote monitoring from anywhere on any device. This makes for easier monitoring of assets and buildings, with the ability to search through historical data to track improvement progress. Automated alerts are also available to help keep on top of regulations and spot potential issues or leaks.

Clipart images of different business industries which could benefit from smart monitoring.

Smart Monitoring Applications

Explore the different uses for our IoT sensors

From engineering firms to office spaces, environmental monitoring, energy monitoring and machine monitoring could be the key to unlocking a sustainable future.

Environmental Monitoring
Environmental Monitoring
Machine Monitoring
Machine Monitoring
Energy Monitoring
Energy Monitoring
Remote Monitoring
Remote Monitoring
production tester isolating each parameter

100% Tested

As we, Devtank Ltd, are experts in test and measurement, we ensure every single one of our sensors is fully tested before leaving the door. The first stage of testing is a confined parameter test, ensuring each built-in and external sensor measures accurately. Once passed, each sensor then moves on to “Soak Testing”. Here we leave each one on, connected to a test gateway, for at least 4-5 days. This eliminates any issues such as power errors and helps our team spot unwanted bugs appearing. The cherry on the top? It’s all done in-house.

Survey & Install Package

Our team are here to help. Please contact us to discuss the benefits of our Survey & Install package from £1,999 or to request a site visit from one of our team.

Smart monitoring solution install


Need your questions answered?

See our FAQs page or contact our team below.

You will need access to a LoRaWAN gateway and a LoRaWAN network already setup. Our sensors are designed to monitor numerous parameters. Depending on your requirements you may need to complete some electrical installation work (e.g. install smart meter/sensors on your consumer unit) and/or plumbing (e.g. fit water meter).
Alternatively, Devtank offer a complete turnkey service to setup your LoRaWAN network, install equipment and host your data at a very competitive price.
The OpenSmartMonitor product range will help you perform the following: See energy usage and waste across your entire operations Calculate your Carbon Emissions (CO2e) on a real time basis. Predictive maintenance, set alarms and alerts on key parameters to warn you early if there is a problem. (e.g. excessive water consumption) Resource utilisation – see how well key plant/assets/equipment are utilised and calculate the unit cost of operating those resources.
Environmental monitoring – ensure you have real time monitoring of key health and safety parameters such as noise levels, temperature and air quality. Can also be used for auditing purposes.
This all depends on how many parameters you monitor and how you use the data. Typical savings range between 10% to 25% of your annual energy consumption after a period of initial monitoring. The on-going improvements to your operational efficiency are endless as you can build in enhanced monitoring and control of key assets to make further improvements.
Yes! As this unique product can monitor multiple different parameters, this is an easy thing to do. The interoperable LoRaWAN network we use means you can also add sensors from other manufacturers on the same network.
Smart monitoring device connected to a dashboard over LoRaWAN


To use the ENV01 smart monitoring device, you require a LoRaWAN gateway to connect it to ‘The Cloud’ (Influxdb) and ultimately a dashboard (like Grafana). An out-of-the-box sensor, connected to its gateway and cloud, will begin monitoring environmental parameters such as light, humidity, sound, temperature and air quality. To begin energy monitoring, the ENV01 will need to be connected to your energy meters. If you have existing smart meters, these can simply plug into our sensor. For machine monitoring, CT (current) clamps are required to monitor its electricity usage and the addition of environmental sensors and probes will maximize your machine monitoring. Every time new data is collected it will periodically ‘Chirp’ this out via the gateway, into the cloud, updating your dashboards.

Why LoRaWAN?

The ENV01 uses LoRaWAN wireless as standard, giving our devices robust connection across any site. For the ENV01 to connect via LoRaWAN, a LoRaWAN Gateway is required. Being an open source IoT device gives you freedom of how to use our sensors.

LoRaWAN logo. Clicking on this image will take you to the LoRa Alliance website to provide a better insight into what they do and who they are.

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