The Impact of Data: “The Rising Tide” For All Businesses

The Impact of Data within businesses

As we enter the 4th Industrial Revolution there is no doubt of the impact this will have on businesses, as they adapt to a rapidly changing digital world. Add in the pressures of meeting net zero and rising utility costs, the business world,  particularly for small to medium-sized enterprises, looks a very challenging place to … Read more

Lighthouse Project

Lighthouse Project Awardee

Devtank Ltd have been awarded a Lighthouse Project through The Smart Manufacturing Data Hub! This project provides fully funded OpenSmartMonitor solutions to be manufactured and installed into your businesses in the aim to provide business critical insights into your daily operations. This data will include energy, machinery, environmental, sustainable, and productivity insights. To be eligible … Read more

Devtank Ltd – Sustainability

OpenSmartMonitor’s mothership, Devtank Ltd, has a high commitment to sustainability, taking proactive steps to make it a reality. Our fully open-source business model empowers our customers to repair our products on their own, resulting in a longer lifespan than our competitors. This approach has an undeniable positive impact on the environment, as noted by open-source … Read more

5 Ways to Reduce Your Energy Costs

In our current climate, most of us are searching for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and save money, especially since the cost of living increases and the energy crisis. So what can we do to begin making changes to what we use and waste to reach our eco goals? Find out below our 5 … Read more

State of Open – Environmental Study

State of Open The State of Open Conference 2023 is a major gathering of individuals and organizations focused on promoting open-source technologies and collaborative efforts to advance innovation in the tech industry. This conference provides a platform for experts and enthusiasts to share their knowledge and ideas on the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in … Read more

Award Winners

The East Midlands Chamber – Business Awards We have been working hard for the past few years and are proud of our achievements. Our newest achievements come after winning the Excellence in Innovation award and Apprentice of the Year (Cameron Browne). Winning these awards mean a lot to us as a company, but a lot … Read more

Devtank – Partner of the INSPIRE Project

Project INSPIRE led by PragmatIC

October 18th, 2022 Devtank are proud to be one of the four partners within project INSPIRE, a £2.4 million world leading semiconductor plant project led by PragmatIC. The aim of this project is to develop and deploy new digital technologies within PragmatIC’s FlexLogIC semiconductor fabrication facilities. This will drive improved resource efficiency and reduce the … Read more

East Midlands Chamber Award Finalists 2022

east midland chamber awards 22

The East Midlands Chamber host the Business Awards every year to celebrate the success and achievements of local business and on the 2nd of August they hosted the finalists event. This event, hosted in The Museum of Making, was well arranged as always and came with great news for us! We are excited to announce … Read more