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OpenSmartMonitor started as an innovative collaboration between Devtank Ltd and Derby University, focused on helping local businesses track their energy usage and reduce their environmental impact. This collaboration funded the development of our first product whilst further providing solutions to local Derbyshire businesses free of charge.

We’re all about creating cutting-edge sensors and monitoring solutions for businesses. Our core product, OpenSense, is a rugged device that can monitor multiple parameters in various business environments. We also offer Sustainable Business Intelligence (SBI), which provides businesses with a complete monitoring package including OpenSense devices, an easy-to-use dashboard, and ongoing support.

Our Mission

We aim to empower businesses globally to become more environmentally friendly, efficient, and sustainable. Through our innovative products and tailored solutions, we give businesses the tools they need to make meaningful changes.

Our Vision

At OpenSmartMonitor, we envision driving positive change in both the business world and the environment. We recognize the significant environmental impact of manufacturing businesses worldwide, and we’re committed to using our solutions to reduce pollution and promote a more sustainable future.

Our Achievements

In 2023, OpenSmartMonitor proudly won the Sustainability Award from OpenUK, showcasing our dedication to fostering lasting sustainability initiatives within businesses.

In 2024, Devtank Ltd secured funding for its Lighthouse project through the Smart Manufacturing Data Hub. This project allows UK businesses to access a range of OpenSmartMonitor solutions for free, aiming to lead the way in decarbonizing UK businesses while boosting productivity and sustainability.

Join us as we embark on a journey of innovation, sustainability, and impactful change. Together, let’s shape a brighter, more sustainable future for businesses and the planet.