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We deploy Grafana based dashboards which provide a well-supported, powerful open source environment with a rich development community.  Platforms can be built and personalised to suit your specific needs. Explore our live demo dashboards below and find out how it works!

All the data displayed on these dashboards is real live data from the Devtank Ltd building.

– In the top right corner are different display settings. Selecting the one that says “Last 6 Hours” will allow you to select a new time frame or input your own time and date. This helps you compare the data across time, enabling you to find trends and make changes to your use and waste.

Hovering over the graphs will display pinpointed data, allowing you to pinpoint measurements within data spikes.

Clicking on a parameter title, and selecting ‘View‘, will full screen that graph. (Exit this view by pressing ESC or the arrow in the top left corner)

– You may have as many dashboards as you need to display data in sensible groups and by types – Selecting the dashboard title will take you to the dashboards list.

Benefits of Data

The benefits of data are endless, and OpenSmartMonitor makes it easy for you to see and feel these benefits!

  1. Collecting data provides an easy way to monitor your key parameters allowing you to make changes lowering your energy consumption, wastes and cost.
  2. Reviewing this data enables you to keep on top of any regulations within your industry such as noise, temperature and air quality levels. (You can set trip limits to get automatically notified)
  3. Being able to compare data across time can also alert you to any possible leaks or equipment being left on.
  4. Deploy machine learning and AI algorithms to take your data insights to the next level!

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Out of the box parameters include; Sound, Light, Humidity and Temperature.

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Dashboards like Grafana give you different ways to display your data with design elements too! See below some examples of different graphs designs.