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  • Icon Reduce Waste and Costs
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Pricing List

Pricing List

Full MPN Description RRP £
OSM-ENV01-CT3-AO-P0 Base Model £632.10
OSM-ENV01-CT3-AO-P1 Base Model + Temperature Probe £706.57
OSM-ENV01-CT3-A1-P0 Base Model + Air Quality Sensor £823.08
OSM-ENV01-CT3-A1-P1 Base Model + Air Quality Sensor + Temperature Probe £890.43
Bronze Package Entry Level - Upto 10 Sensors £30/Month
Silver Package Enterpise Level - Upto 25 Sensors + 1hr/Mo support £60/Month
Gold Package Professional Level - Upto 100 Sensors + 2hrs/Mo Support £120/Month