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Environmental Monitoring

Monitoring your environment within the hospitality industry helps you maintain a comfortable space for staff and customers. A high temperature and low humidity may cause people to feel unwell (headaches and dry mouths). Maintaining a healthy building involves managing humidity levels to prevent mould growth on walls and windows caused by dryness or excessive condensation. When running bars, clubs, or music venues, it is imperative to adhere to noise regulations to maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for all patrons. Monitoring the sound levels can assist you in staying within the limits. It’s crucial to have precise air quality measurements to guarantee a secure and pleasant atmosphere. In the hospitality industry, it’s essential to maintain the right temperature for refrigerators. To achieve this goal, external probes can be an efficient solution. These probes keep track of the temperature and send alerts if it goes below the acceptable level.


Temperature Sensor


Sound Sensor


Light Sensor


Air Quality Sensor

Air Quality

Humidity Sensor


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Energy and Machine Monitoring

Monitoring your energy usage is crucial in today’s climate, especially with the rising costs of energy bills in hospitality. By closely monitoring your usage, you can easily pinpoint areas where resources are being wasted and implement effective strategies to lower expenses. It’s time to take control of your energy usage and start saving money. Another potential use for our sensors relating to energy monitoring is that of pump monitoring. What if we could have an automated message alerting you to gas bottles or beer barrels running low? With external connections to our sensors, this is perfectly possible! The ENV01 can measure flow rates which can be used to monitor beer flow and gases such as CO2.



Remote Monitoring

You can access your live and historical data from anywhere using a browser-based dashboard. This is particularly useful when presenting the data at head office meetings or when looking for ways to reduce costs while away. For monitoring fridges, gas pumps, and liquid levels (in the case of beer), remote monitoring and automated alerts are the most effective methods.


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