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Factory Environmental Monitoring

Paying attention to environmental factors is crucial in manufacturing. Areas such as spraying booths, steelworks, woodwork, and welding can produce harmful pollution that can affect everyone involved. Proper ventilation or personal protective equipment (PPE) is necessary to ensure the safety of all employees. Regular air quality monitoring in these areas can help maintain a secure workplace and assess the effectiveness of ventilation. Furthermore, monitoring sound levels can help identify areas that require hearing protection and make modifications to reduce noise pollution, which can increase staff safety.

Productivity in factory settings can be affected by high temperatures and humidity, causing discomfort for employees. Working in high temperatures and bad humidity levels can cause headaches and dry mouths, making it harder to work efficiently. These factors can also harm the building by drying out walls or causing mold. To keep everyone comfortable and safe, it’s best to maintain humidity levels between 45% and 60% and ensure that temperatures are comfortable.



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Energy and Machine Monitoring

Factories require a significant amount of energy to operate their machinery and tools. However, keeping track of your energy, water, and gas consumption can provide valuable insights and help identify areas where costs can be reduced. Detecting leaks in your water and gas systems is particularly important, as they can go unnoticed for months and cost businesses hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds. Early detection of leaks can save a considerable amount of money. Monitoring electricity usage is also crucial within manufacturing, as it allows you to identify equipment that is left running overnight, such as heating and lighting. By monitoring your machinery and tools, you can pinpoint where your costs are coming from and improve efficiency. Machine monitoring is a useful tool for determining if your machinery is running efficiently and if they are costing more than expected.


Predictive Maintenance
To ensure efficient machine monitoring, it’s crucial to prioritize predictive maintenance. By taking a proactive approach to schedule maintenance and repairs, you can save a significant amount of time and money. With predictive maintenance, you can identify potential problems before they occur, avoiding costly downtime and production delays. Automating alerts based on specific parameter readings is an effective way to detect and diagnose issues early on, streamlining the entire maintenance process.


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Case Study

Acres Engineering needed a way to monitor their electricity consumption, manufacturing equipment, and general environmental monitoring across their workspaces. In particular, they were interested in measuring their air quality, noise levels, and machine energy usage to try to create a better working environment and lower their energy costs. Four ENV01 sensors were installed and are now being used across their site to monitor environmental parameters, energy usage, as well as machine monitoring. They are now able to lower the amount of waste and reduce their energy bills, whilst also monitoring their air quality, sound, light, temperature, and humidity to improve their workplace health and safety.

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