OpenSense is an environmental sensor and energy monitoring device developed to measure a multitude of parameters within your business.

Parameters include; sound, light, temperature, humidity and air quality. External monitoring features include water, gas and electricity metering via pulse and Modbus RTU RS485 connectivity.

For a complete and pre configured monitoring solution, see Sustainable Business Intelligence, our turnkey monitoring solution package.

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OpenSense is a multi-parameter sensor monitoring environmental and energy factors, providing your business with key insights to reduce waste, energy usage, and costs, whilst also improving compliance and well-being. Each sensor connects to a personal browser-based dashboard where your historical and live data can be viewed.

environmental sensor on a factory wall next to an extension cable.
Parameters measured include; temperature, humidity, air quality, sound, light, and electricity (via current clamps). Monitoring of utilities (electricity, water, and gas) can be done through Modbus connections to smart meters and the use of pulse counters. All these parameters combined makes this sensor your perfect monitoring solution for; machine monitoring, utility monitoring, environmental monitoring, and monitoring of cost and productivity.

OpenSense currently comes with WiFi or LoRaWAN options. WiFi makes for a simple connection to your dashboards where the workplace environment permits. Certain workplaces may have poor WiFi reception due to the signal strength being weak or block by materials such as steel, sheet metal, or lead. In such environments, LoRaWAN is the go to option. LoRaWAN is a robust wireless communications protocol which has the ideal signal strength to work well in tough workplaces. LoRaWAN will require a gateway which works similarly to that of a WiFi router.

Wireless protocol diagram
Typically, we use off-the-shelf open source dashboards like Graphana. As shown in the diagram above, a database is required to be stored within, in order to reach a dashboard. Using tools such as Graphana enables easy setup of automated alarms which can notify you when a parameter reaches a specific range. This comes into its own when keeping a close watch on energy usage, air quality, and water or gas leaks.